Heavensent Awesome Andy Of Samsted

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Nombre: Heavensent Awesome Andy Of Samsted
País de residencia:   USA
Afijo del perro: Heavensent Bulldogs
Afijo del propietario: Samsted
Sexo: Macho
Fecha nacimiento:
Coeficiente de consanguinidad (IC): 0.0
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Herramientas de análisis del pedigree

Ch Famous Amos Of Samsted    Philsands Fantastic Oscar  
Philsands Fantastic Oscar
Ch Cherokee Ulysses   
Ch Cherokee Ulysses
Ch Cherokee Yancey   
Ch Cherokee Yancey
Cherokee Inspiration  
Philsands Dollie's Duby   Ch Fredlynns Be Ay   
Ch Fredlynns Be Ay
Londonderry Mollie Goldfarb  
Samsted Awesome Opal   Delreys Von Chadwick   Ch Little Ponds Keg-a-whiskey   
Delreys Pipi Why  
Samsted Charmin' Chelsea   Ch Samsted Yukon Do-it   
Maggi Magee  
Lorelu Angelic Rose   Ch Hayes Grizzly Bear Of Imperious    Ch Jaylous Robin Hood    Jaylous Timson Mackbull  
Jaylous Red Robin  
Hayes-imperious-elsie   Jaylous Major Max  
Jaylous Major Max
Jane Ann's Maggie  
Lorelu Rosebud O´sims   Jaylous Major Max  
Jaylous Major Max
Jaylous Major Major  
Mack´s Driving Miss Daisy  
Lorelu Golden Honey O'sims   Lorelu Chunk Of Ms Sexy  
Ch Lorelu Golden Chablis   
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