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Name: Raxa.
Residence country:   Spain
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth:
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Blaenarthen Kreme Kracker   Ch Petworth Captain Pugwash Of Ringablok   
Ch Petworth Captain Pugwash Of Ringablok
Setsquare Surrey Oak Of Quintic  
Setsquare Surrey Oak Of Quintic
Quintic Ambrose  
Quintic Ambrose
Setsquare Blue Print  
Petworth Polly Perkins  
Petworth Polly Perkins
Quintic Ambrose  
Quintic Ambrose
Dewrie Celtic Princess  
Tee Hee Bunter   Talvalley The Sumo Of Ringablok   Eskaidee Anzio Of Ringablock  
Talvalley Sox  
Domino Dancer   Ringablok Snowboy  
The Grand Duchess Delilah  
Janine   Claudio Del Tragamon   Glyndee Rusty Red  
Glyndee Rusty Red
Ringablok Super Ted  
Atchadoi's Mischief Maker  
Ravensbank Lily Lettece   Ch Shebador Our Floyd At Ocobo   
Ch Shebador Our Floyd At Ocobo
Bunges Sweet Dreamer  
Ubmi Adel   Caezer   not available
not available
Domoszloi Bulldog Melinda   not available
not available
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