Silver Pitcher

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Name: Silver Pitcher
Residence country:   USA
Dog prefix: R. And W. Livingston
Owner prefix: R. And W. Livingston
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1886
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Robinson Crusoe (uk-usa)  
Robinson Crusoe (uk-usa)
Robinson Crusoe (uk-usa)
Monarch (1878)   Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's  
Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's
Duke I I ( Lamphier)  
Rush ( Lamphier's)  
Rose ( Berrie)   Sepoy  
Nell ( Bartlett)  
Penzie   Angus   Sancho Panza (1876)  
Sancho Panza (1876)
Lu Lu (1876)  
Topaz   Jim (1865)  
Nell ( Lyell)  
Gipsey ( Livingston's)   Young Gully   Master Gully  
Master Gully
Briton (1871)  
Kit ( Layton)  
Dane   not available
not available
Rose ( Livingston)   White Crib   not available
not available
Bounce   not available
not available
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