Clearbrook Nelson

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Name: Clearbrook Nelson
Residence country:   United Kingdom
Dog prefix: Clearbrook
Owner prefix:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 2 November 1964
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 7 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)

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Clearbrook Dreaming John   Clearbrook Buddy   Dunvegan Duplicate   Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)   
Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)
Dunvegan Patricia  
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not available
Clearbrook Beanie  
Clearbrook Beanie
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Ch Maelor Superb
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Admeta Sunflower
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Auraelean Autocrat
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Eng Ch Iceglint Intrepid
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Ch Eng Lynmans Adonis
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Ch Iceglint Ivy
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Outdoors Revival
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