Derby Nancy

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Name: Derby Nancy
Residence country:   USA
Dog prefix: T. Brown ( Derby)
Owner prefix: Chas. D. Cugle ( Capital City Kennels)
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 2 January 1889
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Reeves Crib  
Reeves Crib
Reeves Crib
Tiger ( Young Tiger)   Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's  
Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's
Duke I I ( Lamphier)  
Rush ( Lamphier's)  
Meg ( Old Meg) Lamphier's   King Dick (old King Dick) Lamphier  
King Dick (old King Dick) Lamphier
Old Nell ( Thirlwind)  
Reeves Mab   Duke ( Lamphier)   Duke (old Duke) Henshall's  
Duke (old Duke) Henshall's
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Queen Mab (1870)   Dan ( Page's)  
Rose (1862)  
Derby Queen   Gambler ( Reeves)  
Gambler ( Reeves)
Punch ( Shirley)  
Punch ( Shirley)
Billy (the Cremorne Dog) Oram's  
not available
Slut ( Reeves)   Young King ( Bumble) Green's  
Young King ( Bumble) Green's
Queen (old Queen) Littler's  
Nell ( Davis)   Old Harry   King Bruin  
not available
Gypsy ( Davis)   not available
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