Thornwood King

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Nom: Thornwood King
Pays:   United Kingdom
Affixe du chien: Thornwood
Affixe du propriètaire:
Sexe: Male
Date de naissance: 14 April 1915
E-mail du propriètaire:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Thornwood King Arthur   Am Eng Ch Failsworth White Knight   
Am Eng Ch Failsworth White Knight
White Marquis  
White Marquis
Silent Knight Of Hollybrook  
Thornwood Beatrice  
Maid Of Lee   Rival Stone  
Rival Stone
Clapham Queen  
Thornwood Queen   Silent Knight Of Hollybrook   Wroxham Silent Prince  
Wroxham Silent Prince
Lady Carmer  
Thornwood Beatrice   Wroxham Silent Prince  
Wroxham Silent Prince
Thornwood Duchess  
Puckersley Beauty   Woodend Theo   Woodend Thaddius   Heywood Marguis  
Woodend Biddy  
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