Hughley Hattie

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Nome: Hughley Hattie
Paese di residenza:   United Kingdom
Affisso del cane:
Affisso del proprietario: Mrs M. I. Rhys
Sesso: Femmina
Data di nascita: 04 September 1969
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Broomwick Barrister  
Broomwick Barrister
Broomwick Barrister
Int.Ch Toby Jug Of Wyngrove   
Int.Ch Toby Jug Of Wyngrove
Ch. Int. Eastgate Stalwart Bosun   
Ch. Int. Eastgate Stalwart Bosun
Lord Lancaster  
Stalwart Miss Mandy  
Eng Ch Eastgate Carousel   
Eng Ch Eastgate Carousel
Eng Ch Eastgate Crusader   
Roberta´s Lady Sarah  
Hartend Josephine   Clearbrook Our George   Taurocanis Improbus  
Katherine The Great  
Hartend Doryantrys Juliet   Rowsley Barrystar  
Doryantrys Cherry  
Strawbyn Sparry   Strawbyn Stilton   Strawbyn Statesman   Kippax George  
Kippax George
Strawbyn Sonnet  
Strawbyn Stout   Ch Blockbuster Best Bitter   
Ch Blockbuster Best Bitter
Ballybrophy Catherine  
Strawbyn Sparkle   Bryneatons Sparky   Ch Sospan Fawr   
Ch Sospan Fawr
Hefty Olivia  
Strawbyn Sugar   not available
not available
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