Phoebe Of Elibah

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Nome: Phoebe Of Elibah
Paese di residenza:   United Kingdom
Affisso del cane:
Affisso del proprietario: Elibah
Sesso: Femmina
Data di nascita: 23 August 1984
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Ch Tyegarth Jacob Of Kelloe   
Ch Tyegarth Jacob Of Kelloe
Tyegarth Jacob Of Kelloe
Merriveen Happy Daze  
Merriveen Happy Daze
Merriveen Son Of Satan  
Merriveen Son Of Satan
Ch Bryneatons Barbarian   
Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Merriveen Hells Bells  
Merriveen Daisy Chain   Ch Bryneatons Barbarian   
Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Casjen Snowflake  
Tyegarth Gabrielle   Quintic Peanut   Noways Symas Sir William  
Sevenup Irresistable  
Tyegarth Annabelle   Ch Allomdom Dilkusha Crusader   
Ch Allomdom Dilkusha Crusader
Sallamia Penelope Of Tollhoram  
Lady Sarah Of Belvedere   Calendacot Jim Bob   Calendacot Lord Jim   Eng CH Castizo Drummond   
Eng CH Castizo Drummond
Jennifer Of Calendacot  
Capps Sea Shells   Eng Ch Outdoors Duke   
Eng Ch Outdoors Duke
Clapgates Denab  
Calendacot Silken Girl   Calendacot Adventurer   Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold   
Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold
Calendacot Vanessa  
Calendacot Freckles   not available
not available
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