Sherbord Ballindine Buttons

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Nome: Sherbord Ballindine Buttons
Paese di residenza:   USA
Affisso del cane: Sherbord
Affisso del proprietario:
Sesso: Femmina
Data di nascita:
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Strumenti di analisi del pedigree

Int CH Ballindine Brigadier Butch   
Int CH Ballindine Brigadier Butch
Ballindine Brigadier Butch
Am CH Noways Major Butch    Wawensmoor Pin Up   Ch Prince Of Woodgate   
Ch Prince Of Woodgate
Lady Annabella  
Sandra´s Girl   not available
not available
Int CH Ballindine Bow Bells    Am CH Kamel Fostoria    Can Ch Rhydian Roger   
Golden Hearts Pride  
Ballindine Bridget   not available
not available
Am CH Jackath Miss Kitty Royal    Tredgold Gaius Caligula  
Tredgold Gaius Caligula
Broadford Happy Wanderer   Ch Maelor Solarium   
Ch Maelor Solarium
Ch Broadford Popper   
Tredgold Rosebud   Leodride Ace  
Judys Susan  
Jackath Clever Clogs   Eng CH Mellea Jamie   
Eng CH Mellea Jamie
Jonathan Lea  
Jonathan Lea
Ch Melmor Queen   
Jackath Elizabeth   Ch Maelor Invincible   
Ch Maelor Invincible
Chisworth Cherry  
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