Londonderry Fronie Edwina

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Nome: Londonderry Fronie Edwina
Paese di residenza:   USA
Affisso del cane: Londonderry
Affisso del proprietario:
Sesso: Femmina
Data di nascita:
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Strumenti di analisi del pedigree

USA Ch Londonderry Skin A Kin    USA Ch Flying Dutchman    Ch Westfield Flying Colors   
Ch Westfield Flying Colors
Ch Rawburn Avalanche   
Ch Brookhollow Gingerbush   
Katie Girl   Wynwe Marine Corps Chesty  
Kelly Girl  
Lady Marion Moffett Of Clarks   Clark's Little Caesar   Oliver Twist Iv  
Clark's Brookhollow Carat  
Brookhollow Dusty Road   Ch Brookhollow Journeyman   
Ch Brookhollow Journeyman
Robin Hood´s Punkin Superb  
Brookhollow Jesse Morgan   Chajen Sir Dampier   Chajen Van Gough   Ch Chajen Lord Vincent   
Ch Chajen Lord Vincent
Donallen Merri Miss  
Donallen Merri Miss
Chajen Royal Sally   Ch Chajen Lord Vincent   
Ch Chajen Lord Vincent
Bullmar Jonsa  
Hitchiker Chesty Morgan   Am CH Brookhollow Frost Bit   
Am CH Brookhollow Frost Bit
Am CH Sir Wellington´s Frosty   
Am CH Brookhollow Christmas Eve   
Hitchiker´s I´m A Sweetie   not available
not available
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