Sal ( Prentice's)

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Nome: Sal ( Prentice's)
Pais:   United Kingdom
Afixo criador:
Afixo proprietario: Mr. D. Ellison's, Mr. Prentice's
Sexo: Femea
Data de Nascimento:
Email do proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.09375
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Herramientas generales

Herramientas de análisis del pedigree

Boniface (young Boniface)   Boniface ( Old Boniface) Brent's   Cribb ( Mallandain's)   not available
not available
Lilly (1855)   Chicken ( Clarke's)  
Bitch ( Brown's)  
Rose ( Clarke's Yound Bitch)   Brutus ( Phelps)   Mars ( Bethune's)  
Mars ( Bethune's)
Bully ( Phelps)  
Old Daisy ( Clarke's)   Romanie ( Redmond's)  
Patch ( Clarke's)  
Saucy ( Scott's)   Gruff ( Brent's Late Stockdale)   Tommy ( Collins)   Toss (old Toss - The Bristol Road Dog) Percival  
Duchess ( Percival's)  
Music 1860 ( Stockdale's)   Viper ( Bill George)  
Lady (old Lady) Bill George's  
Blossom ( Brent's)   Boniface ( Old Boniface) Brent's   Cribb ( Mallandain's)  
Lilly (1855)  
Saucy (old Saucy) Brent's   Cribb ( Mallandain's)  
Young Lucy ( Tagg's)  
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